What is Mediumship

marie-hayesMediumship is bringing the two worlds together, When done through love , the medium is able to connect with your loved ones, guides and helpers from the world of spirit and help give the proof that they are still watching over us. Marie will do her very best to give the proof to you that they are safe well and happy since their return back to the spirit world. Your loved ones will always have the same sense of humour
as this never changes. They leave their physical body and illness behind when they cross to the spirit world, however they will always keep their personality, as this never changes, there will be detailed information about them and how they connect with you. Marie will feel and sense their personality and is often told how successful she is in describing their characters and the messages they want to bring forward.

Why a Medium ?

For those who find themselves at a point in their lives and unable to see a way forward. Marie, with the help of her own guides, together with the help of your loved ones and guides, is able to bring positive changes to you, to help you see things in a clearer way. They can feel and sense our frustration at certain times in our lives, we all know that we are hear to learn and grow within.
Marie has the ability to help you understand more within your own life and achieve the very best to help you, know that your loved ones are always close to you when you are needing the guidance.

Guides and helpers

We all have guides and helpers who watch over us from the moment we are born, They are with us to give us the guidance along our own pathway, so we can create the best way of living our earthly lives. They understand that we need to make our mistakes in our own lives as we are “only human” Our own guides can be our loved ones that we trusted and loved when they were with us, or it can be more highly evolved spirit guides that can assist in our own personal spiritual growth.
It takes time to trust on who is working with us on our own spiritual journey. They will never tell us what to do, they do not have the right to do this, We have to learn ourselves, however if we have our heart open to receive the guidance that they offer us, would you refuse their help.
They only want the very best for us in our own life.

Spirit people work within the natural laws of love and truth, therefore they will never tell you anything bad that will upset or worry you. We can not make anyone communicate with you, they will decide when the time is right for them. If you have a strong desire to contact one particular person in the spirit world it can have a blocking effect on the communication.

If however, you accept other friends or loved ones, this will usually open the door to enable communication to the person you want. Always keep an open mind and not just look at close family that have passed away. It could be family that passed over before you were born, close friends, neighbours, school friends, Indeed anyone who has touched you or your families lives.

Marie with her Clairvoyance and Mediumship abilities, will do her very best to offer you the appropriate guidance for your situation.

Remember you will always have freedom of choice


A medium has usually spent many years on developing their own abilities on trusting their guides to help them on understanding with how to connect and listen to the spirit world,  this can be with thoughts and feelings, some mediums will only hear, some mediums will only see, some mediums will use all of thier abilities, hearing, seeing, feeling, sensing,  just knowing, this is what is called Clairsentience. When your loved one passes to the spirit world, they also have to learn on how to connect with the working medium.  This is all about vibrations of the spiritual energy.
The medium will calm their mind and focus on bringing your loved one through, they will give evidence on how they passed, how they connect to you,  also their character,  this always remain the same. Some connections are easier than others, this will depend on how strong they were when they were still here with us.  A strong character will always be easier for the medium to connect with. A very gentle person may sometimes need the help of another person in the spirit world to help your loved one make a better and stronger connection. This is why I always say just be open as to who first comes through, It may not be the person your first wanting, please do not think it will not happen. Always remember your loved one is waiting to come through from the spirit world , they will watch the way that the medium is working, this will help them also to understand on how to interact with the medium. This is always done through the love between the medium and your loved one.
When having a mediumship reading, once they have given you the proof that you know it is your loved one. There will always be guidance as to what is happening around you, they will never tell you what to do as this is free will, they do not have this right to say you must do something, they can gentle guide you on the right way on moving forward in your own life.
They can give insight as to what is coming up for you in the near future for you.
They loved you when they were here on this earthplane, they will always love you from the spiritual side, this never changes, they want you to know that they are well and healthy and still watching over you when you are needing thier love and guidence.
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