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Payment by Bank Transfer is possible, Please contact Marie for further details.

Mediumship Demonstrations

Marie is able to do private demonstrations also if you are looking for someone to host an event for you please contact Marie.

To book a reading call Marie on 07794 703 322, use the contact form or email Marie at:

£30.00 per person for 30 minutes

£50.00 per person for 60 minutes

Surprise a loved one with a Gift Voucher?

£15.00 Send 3 questions via email and receive a detailed answer within 24 hrs.
£30.00 Looking to connect with a loved one in spirit?
Email a photo of your loved one to Marie and she will email you back a detailed reading

Surprise a loved one with a Gift Voucher?

£30.00 per person for 30 minute reading.
£50.00 per person for 60 minute reading.

Surprise a loved one with a Gift Voucher?

£50.00 per person for 60 minute reading.
£30.00 per person for 30 minute reading.
£20.00 per person for 20 minute reading.

Surprise a loved one with a Gift Voucher?

£40.00  Private personal teaching  for 60 minutes with Marie.

Surprise a loved one with a Gift Voucher?

£30.00 per person
Minimum 6  persons,  conditions apply, please contact Marie before payment.

Surprise a loved one with a Gift Voucher?

Gift Voucher

If you wish to give one of the items above to a loved one, then please fill out the form below and purchase the item you wish to give above in the normal way.

Marie will then send the voucher to your loved one and make an appointment.

(Make sure the purchase and sending of gift voucher are done within one hour)

{Just had a reading with Marie, told me everything I needed to know at this time, the connection she has is wonderful and very real and sincere. If I needed any further guidance I now know who to go to. Would highly recommend. Thank you Marie and I m sure we will be in contact again. Much love xxxx{
11/02/2021 Norwich
{Dear Marie, I came to see you a month ago with overwhelming feelings of guilt and despair of not doing enough for my mother who had recently passed. In just one hour you did more for me than any doctor, councillor or any amount of pills could do. I was worried that you wouldn’t mention my mum, but you did, and what you said made perfect sense and immediately those feelings which had been eating me up inside passed. I thank you with all my heart for giving me hope, peace and a way forward . I’m also glad you suggested recording the session , I have listened to it several times and whenever I feel low I listen to your words and a feeling of calm surrounds me. Love, blessings and thanks for sharing your gift with others{
{Marie gave me a fantastic reading and was great with specific details too about myself and my passed relative. Some readings which can be quite vague and therefore possibly not genuine but Marie had no input from me at all in our reading and she was spot on and specific. She was very warm and gave me hope and guidance when I needed it most. Will absolutely be going back to see her!{
29/04/2021 Sawtry
{Marie was just amazing. This was my first reading and I was somewhat apprehensive, but although it was very emotional, the reading was also the most incredible experience. It helped me enormously at a particularly difficult time in my life. I would highly recommend Marie!{
31st March 2022 Stamford
{I have been coming to Marie for readings for the last 6 years. Marie is excellent and always on point with her readings, getting the details of my loved ones down to a tee each time, and passing on information that has always been 100% solid and has come to pass later on. A lot of mediums have a similar style of working, but Marie works in a way that is very direct in a gentle but straight to the point, which in itself is very unique and nothing I have ever seen in the past. People would be very hard pressed to find someone as good as she is, and for a better price either.{
{Hi Marie. I just wanted to tell you that you are a very VERY gifted woman. I am so glad I record our sessions. Thank you ever so much for your readings. So spot on. With what's happening with me right now I am absolutely amazed at how accurate you were 7 months ago. It's just mindblowing what you see .....and so far in advance xx{
04.07.2021 Cambridgeshire
{Hi Marie, Just a note to say thank you so much once again for the Skype call today. It has really given me a boost and enabled me to give key messages to the family which has meant a lot particularly to my Nan who has been in self isolation for weeks who said I quote ” it has made her day.” I would highly recommend you. Thank you and I look forward to meeting with you again in the future.{
{Thank you so much for the reading you gave me today, it was wonderful to hear from my loved ones in spirit. The loss is always difficult but knowing they are around us, guiding us during our lives on earth is a wonderful thing. When you believe and trust, your gift also becomes our gift. Your room is so warm and welcoming and you have a lovely soul. Thank you x{
07/07/2021 Tempsford
{Marie, what can i say. You are a truly amazing lady. You awakened something in me that i always knew was there. You have given me guidance and also a belief in myself. Your words about my loved ones was comforting heartbreaking and perfect. I will definitely see you again soon xx{
{Hi Marie Thank you for your support. You’re the most genuine and supportive psychic I’ve ever sought for advice. And you’re incredible at picking up on people’s characters.{



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