We always are reminded to take time for ourselves, this is never easy sometimes,
The energies are constantly changing to allow the new higher vibrations are already around us, we have a choice, we always have a choice, do we stay where we are within our own emotions, or do we let go of what we can no longer control, I know which decision I would prefer.

Life is always evolving forward, sometimes we need to let go of what is no longer needed within our own emotions, this can never be easy at times, sometimes we forget we are still holding on to old ways, however with trust and patience we can learn to let go of those fears, only then we can heal, we can all heal ourselves, only then can we vibrate our energies with a higher consciousness that we are able to access and step into.
We have been stuck in this 3rd dimension for far too long, this can control our old emotions and often we can feel stuck in old ways, this will be our fears, these are no longer needed.
We can also see it as a old coat that we have worn for so many years, yet it is falling apart at the seams! we do not want to throw it away as it is comfortable and makes us safe.
3rd dimension is staying in the left hand side of your brain, this is your logical side, chaos and confusion battling with your own thinking. When your more aware of what side of the brain your using it will become easier. Time to shift awareness. Learn to listen to the right hand side of your brain, feel the calmness and clarity, this is needed if wanting to raise your own vibration, there will be times you will need that clarity and calmness.
We are now entering into 5th Dimension with the new energies within our magical world, Just think that we are able to change our own life ourselves. Is this not exciting for you. Just knowing we have more control with our feeling, our thinking, this will be very much needed. Amazing times are there for each one of us.

With meditation, you do not need to spend hours every day. Try 5 or 10 mins learning to calm the mind and naturally bring in these new and exciting energies, this helps you to raise your own vibration.

Quick meditation

Sit upright with your feet on the floor in a quiet room,
Ground your feet, (feel your feet becoming very heavy)
Calm and empty your mind with every breath you can then let go of the chaos in your mind.
Close your eyes and take 3 very deep breaths, then return your breathing back to normal
Bring your attention to the right hand side of your brain, feel the calmness you now have and focus on your heart, feel the beating of your heart, stay within your heart, you may want to place your hand on your heart and say.
I now let go of old ways, old feelings that no longer serve me anymore
Take another deep breath and stay in your right hand side of the mind and say
I now feel the love within my own heart, I love my self unconditionally

Every time you do this, your energies will vibrate on a higher level and you will start to feel positive within yourself, you are trusting completely. You can not force this to happen, everything vibrates through love and frequency, the more you let go, the higher you increase your own energies and vibrations, you can then look back at old ways and see old ways, old patterns, old emotions can now leave your life. it does get easier with time.

Meditation can be just for the inner calmness, connection with your guides, or just feel that unconditional love that we are needing from time to time. The spirit world are always wanting the very best for you, this is their purpose on being on this journey with you, to help you grow within. we can all experience that total calmness and evolve forward in our own personal journey throughout this life.
There are many guided meditations that are available, you just need the right one that will help you.

Enjoy your journey, if you are reading this, then your higher self has guided you to read this.

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