Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


This is my first time on having a reading, will it frighten me?

Never will the reading frighten you, the reading is done with so much love that you will find it uplifting.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

No not at all, nothing is needed, just relax and enjoy the time you have with the reading.

Can I just have a Psychic reading with no spirits coming through?

Yes of course, you are in full control of how you would like the reading to be.

I am nervous to come on my own, can I bring a friend to support me?

Yes this is no problem with me. They can even sit in the same room.

Due to Covid restrictions, can you do a Psychic Party online?

Yes of course, it still works the same

I have booked an appointment, and I can not keep this appointment?

No problem, let me know straight away and I can re arrange a new appointment for you.

I want to try a reading but I do not believe in Psychics?

I totally understand, I have many men who say they do not believe, they go leaving in shock, in a good way, you just need to be open minded.

How can you connect to me or my loved ones on a telephone reading?

It is all about energy, as soon as you say “Hello” I am able to connect with you and your loved ones in the spirit world. I have many years experience on working on psychic phone lines, It is all done through love, if they loved you when they were here, that love never dies.

No one can read for me, I am so disappointed?

When you want a reading, but you always find it is difficult for the Psychic or Medium to connect, it can be many reasons for this. It can be that your blocking it, not on purpose. It can happen, it can be fear, you need a strong reader, I am used to this, my energy is quite strong, I would then raise up my energy so I was able to connect with you in the best way to keep that connection going throughout the reading.

Can I record the reading on my phone?

Yes of course, I have no problem if you would like to record it on your phone, It can be good to listen back to it, when needed.

Does my loved one in the spirit world watch me all the time?

The answer is No as they respect your privacy, if your heart calls out to them, you draw them close.

What happens if your not able to connect with me?

This has never happened, but if it did happen, I would stop the reading and return your payment, I would never make it up, honesty is so important with me.



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