When we start on our spiritual journey, we become more aware of those thoughts and feelings we can get some times, How many times has a loved one in the spirit world just randomly popped into our thoughts, we question “Why did that happen” this is their own way to let us know  that they are still around us.
Our Guides and helpers our always with us , our main guide has and always be with us from that first moment that we are born, they are there to help us on our own spiritual journey when we are ready to connect with them,  I often get asked are our own family one of our guides, let me explain from my own journey.
When I first started to become more aware, I always asked for my Grandmother to be one of my guides, I trusted her, this I had to be patient with,  I always questioned “was the thoughts my thoughts or their thoughts that  they were trying to install inside my head.”  We need to let that side of things go. It is too logical, Spiritual and logical never mix well
Your family member may come in to help you trust the energy that your needing to help  with the process regarding your spiritual.  I held on to my Grandmother for so long, It was other Mediums who told me,  I had to let her step back as my own guides were waiting to work with me. It was needed and I learnt to feel the difference in the energy that I felt around me. All about trust, this was not easy for me.

Guides and helpers do change through your journey as when a guide has taught you what is needed, they will step back, so a higher and stronger guide can step forward and help further you on your own journey. we tend to stay safe, however our own journey is always evolving forward to higher and stronger progression. We are still in charge of our selves.
Our guides only have our best interest at heart, this is unconditional love that they bring forward,  what we are needing to learn, did you know they are still learning from us, so one person will work and feel differently as others will work with our guides, sitting and getting to know them more is exciting, I have always said “My guides have always been my best friends”, they always understand me. We need to learn how to quieten down our own mind, This is why meditation is needed in our own busy lives.

Quick way to connect with your guide.

Take yourself to a quiet area, sit upright on a chair, Close your eyes, empty your mind.

Ground your feet, (see the roots under your feet going deep down into Mother Earth)

Take 3 deep breaths and slow your breathing down to normal, bring your awareness into your heart chakra.
Expand your aura to as far as you can all around your body
Ask your guide mentally to stand behind you and invite them to step into your aura (your energy)
Learn to feel the energy, does it feel female or male ? do you start to feel young or older etc
Every time you do this , it will become easier, you will learn to trust, you do not need to see, the feelings will be enough for you. This is a new friend, ask them questions and see what answers you get back.
When you are ready your guide will start to show themselves in your minds eye.
Enjoy your journey.
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