I have waited a long time to post this as, whilst Marie’s information she explained about me was very accurate, it was hard to believe the predictions she made about my future could possibly happen they seamed so unbelievable and now they unfolded almost word for word like she said! Fantastic lady.
Thank you Marie.


Hi Marie,
Just a note to say thank you so much once again for the Skype call today. It has really given me a boost and enabled me to give key messages to the family which has meant a lot particularly to my Nan who has been in self isolation for weeks who said I quote ” it has made her day.” I would highly recommend you.
Thank you and I look forward to meeting with you again in the future.


I spoke to this beautiful lady at tea time. She asked no questions but new everything. Marie was so warm and kind in the way she spoke, and even picked up on family from the other side, which I had not asked for. Such a beautiful sign and so much accuracy she new with no priding. The most warm and kind and genuine person I have ever had a reading from. Lots of positive advice. So personal and accurate I can only speak highly of. What a splendid lovely warm lady. Definitely found the special teal heart felt lady.

Xx Thank you so much for your honesty, integrity and warmth.



Dear Marie,
I came to see you a month ago with overwhelming feelings of guilt and despair of not doing enough for my mother who had recently passed.
In just one hour you did more for me than any doctor, councillor or any amount of pills could do. I was worried that you wouldn’t mention my mum, but you did, and what you said made perfect sense and immediately those feelings which had been eating me up inside passed.
I thank you with all my heart for giving me hope, peace and a way forward .
I’m also glad you suggested recording the session , I have listened to it several times and whenever I feel low I listen to your words and a feeling of calm surrounds me.
Love, blessings and thanks for sharing your gift with others
Helen xxx


Marie, what can i say. You are a truly amazing lady. You awakened something in me that i always knew was there. You have given me guidance and also a belief in myself. Your words about my loved ones was comforting heart breaking and perfect. I will definitely see you again soon xx


I have been coming to Marie for readings for the last 6 years. Marie is excellent and always on point with her readings, getting the details of my loved ones down to a tee each time, and passing on information that has always been 100% solid and has come to pass later on.

A lot of mediums have a similar style of working, but Marie works in a way that is very direct in a gentle but straight to the point, which in itself is very unique and nothing I have ever seen in the past. People would be very hard pressed to find someone as good as she is, and for a better price either.



Good morning Marie
I have just listened to our last recording. You ARE amazing !! I heard so much more today than I did on the day.
Every word hits the spot. Every word xxx


Hi Marie,
I just wanted to say thank you for the reading on Wednesday evening; it was very special. You have a lovely, friendly way about you which put me at ease and I was pleased that the reading wasn’t reactive to my asking questions, but was more for me to listen with interaction as appropriate. You did ask me at the end if I had any questions to which I said no, as pretty much all the questions I had were answered during the reading.
I have been thinking about what was said a great deal since Wednesday, as I wanted things to sink in more before I wrote this email. I think it is fair to say that I understand more and certain parts make more sense now. I was very pleased to hear that Karen was well and seemed to be sorting things out with her Mum, and that she was with her dogs.
I took a great deal of comfort home with me know that I have a ‘good team’ to help and look after me, and I am sure I will draw a great deal of comfort going forward.
Thank you again.


Skype gift voucher reading
Thank you so much for my Mum’s reading the other day !
She was left in an insightful and curious mood for the rest of the evening.
A Great experience she said !
Thanks again,
Stay safe


Hi Marie
Thank you for your support. You’re the most genuine and supportive psychic I’ve ever sought for advice. And you’re incredible at picking up on people’s characters.


Excellent… absolutely spot on


Absolutely fabulous experience, just brilliant


Marie is Absolutely spot on with her information. She requests that you do not give any information before the reading. When I had mine she blew me away with ghe information she can out with as there were facts mentioned she couldn’t have known and that were only known by my grandad. This lady is worth every penny. Will definitely be going to see her again.


Thank you for my reading this morning was very good spot on have recommended you to a few . Will most definitely see you again myself. Thank you very much


Thank you Marie, I rarely let my guard right down but 1 minute in and i knew i was in good hands, seems you knew me a lot better than i knew myself, i’m looking forward to striding on with more purpose, and making that prediction come true, amazing lady, amazing advise, and %100 i’ll be back for more in the future.

Thanks again x



Dear Marie,
I was thinking about you, and reading and reading again what you have written since we got in contact. You have been always right. It’s amazing how you have such amazing talent. I wanted to express you my gratitude, and I can only express my hope and wish you will assist me further on this life-path, with your stunning insights. You’ve made a difference in my life. Thank YOU!

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday,



3 Questions answered.

This is great, thank you so much!



I have had 2 readings from Marie and plan to have many more!! Excellent proof from Spirit. Lovely lady, warm and friendly. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone.

Thanks Marie.



Amazing, Marie is brilliant and helped me alot


Marie is such a lovely lady. Had a fantastic reading from her. I would highly recommend her. Thanks Marie.


I had a reading today with Marie and it was amazing. She made contact with some very important people in my life and reminded me that I need to get rid of the fear and trust my gut and just go for it. The messages were so accurate and really helped me to settle in my thoughts and know that one person in particular was OK and back to how they used to be. I feel at peace and my spirit and soul are lifted knowing this. Thank you Marie for such a wonderful experience.


Absolutely amazing! So loving, so genuine, so precise and so comforting…Marie is so open and in tune with Spirit. I felt so safe with her readings and trusted her energy. Marie works from the heart and I could really feel that. Her readings helped me so much and gave me the clarity and confirmations I needed at the time. I really am very grateful and appreciate Marie and Spirit very very much. Thank you! xx


Hello Marie, I just wanted to write and thank you for last night. Everyone loved it and were really impressed with their readings. Some parts of everyone’s readings were so accurate and specific to them that you really blew us all away!
My husband was a complete skeptic before you came in, now he can not stop talking about it and wants to know when we can have our next reading, hopefully a longer one next time!
You came across in such a caring and sensitive way and we really hope to see you again in the future!

Thanks so much again,
Cathy and friends!






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